World’s first solar cycle lane in final stages

Solar Panel RoadsThe Netherlands gets the first solar bike lane that powers street lights and houses. This 70-meter stretch of solar-powered roadway was opened for public use in November 2014 in Krommenie, a town north-west of Amsterdam. The final stage of the roadway is set be completed in 2016.

The design of these road solar panels displays glassy cooking element on an electric stove. The concrete embedded solar panels are made up of rows of crystalline silicon solar cells and covered with a luminous layer of hardened glass.

“The surface of the road has been treated with a special non-adhesive coating, and the road itself was built to sit at a slight tilt in an effort to keep dust and dirt from accumulating and obscuring the solar cells.”

This great innovation has its disadvantages, it cannot be angled toward the sun, which makes it less efficient than solar panels. The panels generate approximately 30% less energy than those positioned on roofs. SolaRoad, as named by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is expected to generate more energy in 2016 with its 100 meter extension.

Dr. Sten de Wit from SolaRoad, says that solar roads could eventually be used to power the electric vehicles that use them.

“Electric vehicles are on the rise, but are not really a substitute until the electricity they use is generated in a sustainable way. Roads can generate power right where it is needed,” de Wit explains in a publication for the contract research organisation TNO.

“Sensors gathering information about traffic circulation can help improve traffic management, or even allow automatic vehicle guidance,” de Wit added. Read original article at Moneyweb…

More innovative plans are underway for the Dutch. They intend to power everything from traffic lights to electric cars using solar panels.

Imagine all the roads in South Africa were converted into solar roadways – load shedding would be history. Sunworx PV Systems intends to follow such innovative trends and hopefully one day be involved in transforming the way our country generates clean, renewable energy. Because we know that that solar is the future.

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