What you need to know before getting solar panels

Sunworx Solar - sun factsOur sun emits more energy in one hour than humans can consume in a full year. This is why harnessing the solar power received by the Earth has become one of the leading sources of renewable energy in recent years.

Going solar is a means of reducing your electricity bill and enjoying the convenience of alternative power, especially during times riddled with load shedding. And let’s not forget, it aids in the reduction of one’s impact on the environment by offering decreased carbon emissions.

However, there are several important factors that need to be considered before you invest in solar. Read on for more information on what you need to know before you go solar:

  • Your Roof

It’s important that your roof is free from shade  around 9am – 3pm every day. For optimum efficiency it should also be north facing to ensure that your solar panels can be placed in direct sunlight for as long as possible.

Also remember to consider whether your roof is solid enough to support the panels and racking required to install a solar solution. If it’s currently not sufficiently sturdy, then you’ll need to factor in the additional budget required to reinforce your roof first. Alternatively, there are solar solutions available that include a rack to place your solar panels on the ground.

  • Your Energy Usage

It’s important to determine how much electricity your household uses up each month. This will determine the size and number of panels your home will require as different sized systems have varying energy outputs and cost implications. If you want to get off the grid you will have to get the most appropriate sized system.

  • Your Budget

Rooftop Revolution – Sunworx Solar platinum packageThe initial capital required to go solar in your household can be steep. That said, it certainly helps that rapid advances in technology, as well as government and private sector subsidies, have considerably decreased the cost of solar systems over the past few decades.

As a result, certain financial decisions will need to be made first. For example, are you in a position to pay for your system upfront or can you only use a provider that allows for payment plans? Estimate how this investment will counter future energy price rises if possible, one can’t predict the future but even conservative hikes over time make going solar financially rewarding.

These are just a few technicalities one should consider before jumping head first into solar installations. Be sure to find a trusted supplier, with a great customer service reputation, who will answer your questions and assist with your decisions.

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