What is a deep cell solar battery

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Green and renewable energy sources are becoming a more attractive alternative in the face of climate change, increasing fuel prices and dwindling natural resources.


Solar power is also more cost effective and environmentally friendly.


Components Of Renewable Energy Systems

Although they harness natural phenomena like wind or solar power, many components in renewable energy power systems still operate using traditional types of power components.  Deep cell, or deep cycle batteries, are one of these components.

What Are Deep Cell Batteries?

Unlike more conventional batteries, like car batteries; deep cell solar batteries provide a slower and more steady flow of power for a longer period compared to other batteries which use single, quicker bursts of energy.

The deep cell battery is charged during the day by solar power, and then provides electricity at night. Deep cell batteries can also be used to power your system in the event of a grid shortage.

Benefits of Deep Cell Solar Batteries

Deep cell batteries are also more durable than other power storage sources. Their thicker lead base is able to control the flow of energy more consistently, which in turn leads to a longer lasting battery.

Deep cell batteries have a lifespan of between 4 – 8 years, depending on which type you use and how well you maintain your battery.

If you are thinking of using a deep cell battery for the first time, ask for the flooded deep cell battery.  If you are thinking of using a deep cell battery for the first time, ask for the flooded deep cell battery.

If you’re after a more affordable deep cell battery, ask about “leisure” batteries. These are a cross between a basic starter battery and a deep cell battery, and use less lead than traditional deep cell batteries. “Leisure” batteries usually last between 200 and 300 deep discharge cycles.

Overall, because of their reasonable cost, high storage capacity, extended life cycle and quality build, deep cell batteries are the perfect addition to any home or commercial solar powered system.

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