The effects of nuclear disasters

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As energy demands exceed supply; governments are turning away from more traditional energy sources and focusing on nuclear energy, with more nuclear power plants being built all the time.

There are a number of negative effects nuclear disasters could have on the environment, and many government agencies have raised these concerns.

The Global Devastation Caused By Nuclear Disasters

Nuclear power facilities produce large quantities of toxic waste, and in many cases have polluted delicate ecosystems around the world. There is no denying the connection between exposure to nuclear radiation and the increased risk of contracting various types of cancer.

The fallout from nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima has resulted in radiation poisoning which has caused various birth defects, lowered immunity to disease, genetic mutations and death. The toxic waste has also polluted the environment and killed countless animals.

These areas are known as “dead zones” where nuclear material will only begin to dissipate in 60 years or more, and until then are inhabitable to plants and animals.

Is There A Safer Alternative?

Renewable or green energy is a safer, unlimited and a more affordable alternative compared to nuclear energy.  The most widely used forms of green energy are solar wind and hydroelectric power which can be used in both private and commercial applications.

Sunworx | Airport Security Tips In South AfricaThe Difference Between Nuclear Energy And Burning Fossil Fuels

The main difference between nuclear and more traditional methods of generating electricity is related to the amount of emissions produced. The main benefit cited as a motivator for nuclear energy is the fact it produces no greenhouse gas emissions.

Green electricity or power is generated through natural means like the wind, the sun’s solar rays or running water.  Burning fossil fuels is also used to produce electricity and many of South Africa’s power plants run on coal. As fossil fuel reserves dwindle, investing in solar power and photovoltaic systems is becoming more and more important.

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