SUNWORX Solar Carports for BMW

SUNWORX solar carports are an ingenious source of alternative renewable energy. The “roof” consists of solar panels and the entire carport is a photovoltaic system. The carport generates clean, renewable energy that is integrated with the electrical system in homes and offices.

A first for BMW and SUNWORX

BMW South Africa is the first in the global BMW network to use solar carports for charging their electric vehicles. This smart solution by SUNWORX reduces charging costs and generates solar energy for the home or office.

Solar Carport | SUNWORX Solar

The BMW i solar carport supplies an average of 3,6 kW of solar power (at peak times on a clear, sunny day) straight to the BMW i Wallbox. It charges electric and plug-in hybrid BMW models.

BMW South Africa is expanding the installation of SUNWORX solar carports for public charging in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Customers and fleet companies will also be able to order the solar carport for home and office charging.


The solar carport is made of prime bamboo, with stainless steel housing the glass solar modules. It embodies the BMW i design and production philosophy, which prioritises a zero carbon footprint.

Bamboo is a sustainable, natural composite material. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it particularly useful for structures, which is why it is extensively used for scaffolding of even the highest skyscrapers in many countries.


SUNWORX offers customers a personalised installation service.

Intelligent charging

Drivers can now perform around 80% of their car’s charging processes either at home or at the workplace. With the recent announcement of the BMW i3 (94 Ah) – a revised BMW i3 model with a more powerful battery and increased range – BMW i will be offering a new BMW i Wallbox worldwide for comfortable and fast home charging.

This Wallbox has been adapted for solar charging and in addition to single-phase operation now also offers a charging capacity of up to 22 kW in three-phase operation. Available in two versions (the BMW i Wallbox Plus and BMW i Wallbox Connect), the BMW i Wallbox is the perfect solution for convenient, safe and fast charging at home. Almost every third driver of a BMW i3 now opts for this exceptionally sophisticated charging station.

Intelligent integration

Because the solar carport is integrated with the home energy management system, household electricity consumption and the power used for charging an electric vehicle can be balanced. Customers save money and make even more efficient use of solar energy.


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