SUNWORX installs solar PV plant for large vehicle manufacturer

SUNWORX Installs Solar PV PlantSouth Africa’s energy crisis is on the rise this year and has been difficult to manage. However with the help of SUNWORX Solar, businesses and households can now generate power from their rooftops. The solar company has embarked on a new project, installing a 135 kW solar PV plant, made up of 9 blocks of panels, for one of South Africa’s largest vehicle manufacturers.

Every solar installation project has a process that needs be followed. It takes proper planning, timing, tools and implementation. Steve Parry – Head of Project Implementation at SUNWORX explains; “a mission assessment of any potential plant for solar application would revolve around roof phasing, the actual size of the roof allocated, the amount of roof space available for the application and the number of panels that the client will require. We look at actual wiring and where the system will be connected.”

Roth Watson, SUNWORX Director touched on the issue of energy consumption in the country and how solar panels benefit businesses. “The benefits of installing a Photovoltaic system for a multinational vehicle manufacturer, especially in South Africa is because it reduces the amount of energy consumption. As you know South Africa is escalating energy prices and have a massive shortage of power. By this large vehicle manufacturer installing 135kw solar PV plant they will dramatically reduce the amount of energy that they are currently consuming at this facility” he said.

Roth also mentioned that Carbon Tax is coming in 2016, a tax levied on carbon content of fuel. Carbon Tax will also hamper the profitability of production sites, as the tax will be linked to about 12 cents per kW. “If you are producing your own electricity, you are going to pay less Carbon Tax and you will be paying the municipal manager a slightly lower fee per month.” He assures.

Before the actual job, there are systematics and drawings that are put together for a successful project. There are stages and procedures to be followed.  “We draw up a full bill of quantities and look to the procurement of all the correct tools for the job. Physical set up of a solar plant revolves around a lot of logistics such as storage facilities, material use and delivery. The timing of all this material and how all of that will be effected in an actual installation is important.” Says Steve.

The investment of a solar PV plant is recommended for businesses to reduce energy consumption. Businesses can choose the size and dimensions in which they wish to build their plant. The warranty is also an investment to consider. “The life expectancy of a solar PV is 25 years. Solar panels are warranted to last for 25 years or longer.” Says Roth.

Indeed, SUNWORX is taking the installation of rooftop photovoltaic panels to another level, helping to make South Africa a solar-friendly place.

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